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Patient Story

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Latifa, Polycystic Kidney Disease with Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Name: Latifa Gender: Female Age: 52 Nationality: Moroccan Americans Admitting diagnosis: Polycystic kidney disease lasts for 24 years, stage 4 kidney failure, GFR 19, liver cysts. The medical report before accepting treatment: Carbon dioxid...Read More

Terresa, Uremia, from Philippines

Patient story : Terresa, female, 41 years old, from Philippines, married a guy in Kuwait. She is now suffering Uremia. Before she is hospitalized, her condition is as follow: A. she did dialysis in Kuwait three times a week. B. The creatini...Read More

My Medical Condition Has been Improved A Lot in China

Hi, my name is Mansoor, 46 years old and I come from Pakistan. I was diagnosed with stage 5 diabetic nephropathy. The followings are my story. Before I go to this hospital, I have already suffered from kidney disease for several years. My h...Read More

Merry Christmas: A Meaningful Christmas Day in Our Hospital

I believe that everyone has expected the sacred holiday---Christmas day. The patients in our hospital are no exception. So yesterday, our hospital threw a big party for the patients. Though they are not in their own countries, they had a wo...Read More

A Meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival Party in Hospital

The mid-autumn festival is an important festival for Chinese people. On this day, people will return home for a reunion with their family. But yesterday, the medical staffs in our hospital do not go home for this festival because they have...Read More

Patient Story: PKD and PLD

Kishor Sainiju was a patient with PKD for over 20 years. Before he came to China, his largest cyst is 14cm. When he checked out of our hospital, his cyst shrinked to 10.5cm. He said to us:this is really the most surprising present for me in...Read More

“Your Osmotherapy Gives Me Hope to Get Rid of Dialysis!”--A Kidney Failure Patient

Bocas Nancoo, is a Kidney Failure patients, who comes from Trinidad and Tobago. Before he came to our hospital, he needed to be on dialysis 3 times per week. After 29-days treatment in our hospital, he reduced his dialysis frequence to 2 ti...Read More

Tima Kaeyo, CKD Stage 5, From PNG

Tima Kaeyo suffered from Diabetic Nephropathy, whose kidney damage developed into end stage of kidney disease in his home country. After treatment in our hospital, he got a great improvement with his creatinine level from 13mg/dl to 2.4mg/d...Read More