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What Types of Food Should Be Taken for Controlling Kidney Cysts

For patients with kidney cysts, a proper diet play an important role in controlling the progression of illness condition. Therefore, it is extremely essential to know what types of food should be taken for them. Now, lets have a look at thi...Read More

Why is Egg Yolk Bad for Kidney Disease Patients

Kidney disease patients are suggested to design a scientific and healthy diet plan. Speaking of egg yolk, it indeed has abundant nutrition and is good for body health. But it dose not suggested to kidney disease patients. Why? Wanna the reas...Read More

What Beverages Irritate Kidney Cysts

Summer comes, cool drinks are becoming more and more popular among people, while for patients with renal cysts, they should have strict limitation on their foods and beverages. Then, what beverages irritate kidney cysts? Kidney cysts may gr...Read More

Can People with Kidney Cyst Drink Cola

Due to the distinctive taste, cola is loved by people around the world, especially young people. Well, can people with Kidney Cyst drink cola? Kidney cyst refers to round pouches of fluid that developed in the kidneys. Mostly, the cysts are...Read More

What Foods can Help Shrink Kidney Cyst

There are a growing number of people who are suffering from kidney cysts. It seems that it is difficult to control the condition and the patients are too worried about their disease. As a matter of fact, a good diet can also help shrink kid...Read More

How to Shrink Kidney Cysts with Diet

Kidney cysts trouble more and more people. They are hard to control for the cysts are ever-developing and increasing. So shrinking kidney cysts is the crucial method to manage the disease. A healthy diet is important for patients with kidne...Read More

Foods to Avoid for Kidney Cyst 3.5

It is important for patients with kidney cysts 3.5 to manage a proper diet. A proper diet can help slow down the progression of kidney cyst. The followings are the foods to avoid for kidney cyst 3.5. High-sodium food should be avoided High-...Read More

How to Slow Down the Growth of Kidney Cyst with Diet

Kidney cyst is commonly seen in adult especially in men. With the age growth, the incidence of this kidney disease increases. About 50% of people who are above 50 years old have one or several simple kidney cyst. The rate is as high as 90%...Read More