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IgA Nephropathy: How to Avoid Dialysis with Diet

IgA nephropathy will progress into kidney failure without proper treatment. Diet is also an important part of treatment. Unhealthy diet will accelerate the progression of kidney failure. How to avoid dialysis with diet for IgA nephropathy p...Read More

What Foods Can Help Lower Creatinine 6.2 in IgA Nephropathy

Creatinine 6.2 in IgA nephropathy is a sign of deterioration of the disease. Patients in this condition are often suggested to take care of the foods that they eat everyday for proper foods can help lower creatinine 6.2 in IgA nephropathy....Read More

What Can Patients with IgA Nephropathy Eat

IgA nephropathy is an autoimmune kidney disease. It is characterized by glomerulus damage with IgA complex depositing on glomerular mesangial area. Patients with IgA nephropathy should follow a proper diet to reduce more damage to kidneys....Read More

IgA Nephropathy: Can I Have A High Protein Diet

IgA nephropathy is an autoimmune disease. It is characterized by glomerulus damage with the deposition of IgA and other immune complex on glomerulus. Patients with IgA nephropathy should manage a proper diet to reduce the progression of the...Read More

How Much Protein Can Patients with IgA Kidney Disease Eat

Patients with IgA kidney disease should adhere to a proper diet, especially the protein intake. High-protein will cause damage to kidney. So how much protein can patients with IgA kidney disease eat? Why should you follow a low-protein diet...Read More

Is Kiwi Good For IgA Patients

According to the nutritionists, kiwi is a kind of fruit that contains rich nutritions. It is known as the king of the fruits and plays an important role in maintaining the health of people. But is kiwi good for IgA patients? Kiwi has multip...Read More

Breakfast Ideas for IgA Nephropathy

For kidney disease patients, the diet has always been an important principle in life. Scientific and reasonable diet great associated with rehabilitation of IgA nephropathy patients. Light diet is advocated for IgA nephropathy patients. And...Read More

What Should You Know on Diet with IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy is a disease of immune system with damage on glomerular, featuring as proteinuria, high blood pressure, blood urine even kidney dysfunction. Diet has much to do with the condition of your health and the immune system. Proper...Read More