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Serum Creatinine 7.07: How to Reduced It With PKD

My father has a high serum creatinine 7.07, and he is a PKD patient. Recently, he got severe symptoms, like nausea, vomiting, skin itching, etc, and he looks very weakness. Is there any effective treatment to reduce creatinine naturally? Wh...Read More

Diet Plan for Diabetic-Hypertensive And High Creatinine

What should be diet plan for diabetic-hypertensive and high creatinine patients? This is a question got from our mail box, In following article, you will get professional suggestions from experts in Shijiazhuang K...Read More

Good News: Pick Up Your Phone To See Live Telecast on Lowering High Creatinine

High creatinine level refers to severe kidney damage, and it means kidneys have been damaged more than 50%. So renal patients should pay attention and take effective treatment to lower it. However, although patients took various measures or...Read More

Sugar Patient With High Creatinine 2.5:What To Do

Sugar patient refers to people with diabetes, and diabetes is one of leading causes of kidney disease. So once sugar patient got elevated creatinine level, they should pay attention. Taking prompt and effective treatment can make a good pro...Read More