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How to Improve GFR 17 and Lower Creatinne 455

Both GFR and creatinine level are the reliable indicators to reflect how well your kidneys are working. How serious are GFR 17 and creatinine 455? Kidney function is 17% and creatinine level is 455, which means part of glomerular is sclerot...Read More

How to Prevent GFR 34 Get Worsen

GFR 34 is a bad condition which means patients are in Stage 3 CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). Without timely treatment, illness condition skips to Kidney Failure easily, and GFR also will be much lower. Well then, how to prevent GFR 34 get wo...Read More

What Numbers Should I Know with Kidney Disease

Knowing what the kidney numbers in tests mean will help you learn more about your health. If you have Chronic Kidney Disease or Kidney Failure, some of your tests may be outside the normal range. Well then, how can you fix your kidney numbe...Read More

What Are Normal Values of Males Adult in Renal Function Test

What are normal values of males adult in renal function test? Some patients may be confused and do not know the answer. There are several indicators to reflect how well your kidneys are working. Now, follow me to find the answer. Usually, k...Read More