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How to Stay Healthy with Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Stage 3 kidney disease means your kidneys are moderately damaged. In such a stage, you may do not have so many symptoms and complications. As long as you seek treatment aggressively, you can live a normal life. How to stay healthy with stag...Read More

What Should A New CKD Stage 3 Patient Do

I just told today that I have stage 3 chronic kidney disease, what do I do now? ...Read More

How to Prevent Progression for CKD Stage 3 in Children

My 6-year old child is on CKD Stage 3, what can I do to prevent kidney damage? ...Read More

How Long Will Patients Stay in CKD Stage 3

CKD Stage 3 is one of critical periods to take effective treatments, so as to timely stop or at least slow down the progression of illness condition. Left untreated, more and more kidney function and tissues can be halved. A concerned quest...Read More

Treatment for Stage 3 Kidney Disease in China

Stage 3 kidney disease is a progressive disease and it is one of critical periods to control the development of illness condition. Nowadays, more and more patients take the characterized and effective treatment in China. Well then, what are...Read More