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Toxin-Removing Treatment

Toxin-Removing Treatment

What is stem cell

Stem cells are the original cells that are not fully differentiated. They have the unlimited differentiation ability and self-renewing ability. It can develop into all kinds of tissues and organs in our body. It is known as the "universal cells" with strong plasticity. Stem cell technology can be used for a wide range of diseases.

The classification of stem cell

There are different classifications of stem cell according to different functions. Based on the differentiation potential, it can be classified into:

Totipotent stem cell. It has the ability to form all kinds of cells and tissues in our body, such as the embryonic stem cell.

Multipotent stem cell. It can differentiate into some certain kinds of cells or tissues, such as the hemopoietic stem cell and neural stem cell.

Unipotent stem cell. This kind of stem cell can only differentiate into one or two closely related cells.

Based on the developmental state, stem cell can be divided into:

Embryonic stem cell. It is a highly undifferentiated cell. It can differentiate all kinds of tissues and organs in our body.

Adult stem cell. It exists in every body. It has the ability of renewing and regenerating some certain cells and tissues. Under some certain circumstance, adult stem cell can generate new stem cell or can differentiate into some new functional cell.

The significance of stem cell

Due to the self-renewing ability and the differentiation ability, stem cell can create a completely new, normal or even much younger cell, tissue and organ. Thus it can repair the damaged cell, replace the died cell and regenerate the new cell. It can effectively treat the diseases and prevent the relapse of the disease.

The currently ethnic debate about Toxin-Removing Treatment

Though embryonic stem cell has the huge potential, there is a ethnic debate. Someone insists that it is immoral to collect embryonic stem cells from human embryos, because human embryo is also one form of life, no matter how noble the purpose is, it is not right to destroy the human embryo. However, someone holds the opinion that it is moral because the scientists don't kill the cell but change the fate of the cell.

Umbilical cord blood cell transplant for kidney disease

About 95% kidney disease is caused by immune disorder. So cord blood cell is suitable for kidney disease considering its medical potential of treating immune disease. In addition, the regeneration and self-renewing function play an important role in repairing the damaged kidney cells and tissues and replacing the died cells and tissues. Thus , it enables kidney the new function.

The advantage of umbilical cord blood stem cell transplant for kidney disease

a. No painful felling. Different from kidney transplant, there is no need for a surgery. It is just a vein injection.

b. No rejection reaction. There is no rejection reaction as kidney transplant does, because the stem cells are the original cells and it can grow in the body without rejection.

c. Great effects. It can treat kidney disease from the root causes by repairing the damaged kidney cells and tissues and improving kidney function.

The side-effect of stem cell transplant

As a matter of fact, it is a safe therapy with no side-effect. After the vein injection, some patients may experience a fever. It is a common symptom that you do not need to worry about. The doctor will take a good care of this condition.

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