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Merry Christmas: A Meaningful Christmas Day in Our Hospital

I believe that everyone has expected the sacred holiday---Christmas day. The patients in our hospital are no exception. So yesterday, our hospital threw a big party for the patients. Though they are more

Patient Story: PKD and PLD

Kishor Sainiju was a patient with PKD for over 20 years. Before he came to China, his largest cyst is 14cm. When he checked out of our hospital, his cyst shrinked to 10.5cm. He said to us:this is more

“Your Osmotherapy Gives Me Hope to Get Rid of Dialysis!”--A Kidney Failure Patient

Bocas Nancoo, is a Kidney Failure patients, who comes from Trinidad and Tobago. Before he came to our hospital, he needed to be on dialysis 3 times per week. After 29-days treatment in our hospital, more