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Our Expert Team Will Come to India On March, 14th

Good News : Our renal experts team starts to do free consultation and academic exchange again in March and they will go to India this time. (Tips for patients who want to have free consultation: you more

24 UPr Reduced From 10.44 g to 0.44 g: How Can He Get It

Nephrotic syndrome refers to a series of symptoms, including large amount of protein in urine, severe swelling, hypoproteinemia and hyperlipemia. Once patients are diagnosed with this disease, they more

Is It Really There Is No Treatment for His Proteinuria 3+

Mr. Gao came to hospital due to his enteritis and high fever, however, after a period of treatment, his high fever didnt reduce but got higher and higher. Besides, he got severe swelling in legs, and more

Why Proteinuria Cant Be Stopped by Chinese Medicine in Other Hospitals

Proteinuria is the most common seen symptom among renal patients, and many renal patients may try Chinese medicine to stop it. However, its effect is not satisfying. But for almost all renal patients more

Chinese Treatment Curative Effects: Proteinuria Reduced 14.32 g and Body Weight Reduced 27.5 kg

20 years ago, he was diagnosed with diabetes due to elevation of blood sugar level. Although he took various measures to control his diabetes, but he was diagnosed with diabetic kidney disease with more

Tima Kaeyo, CKD Stage 5, From PNG

Tima Kaeyo suffered from Diabetic Nephropathy, whose kidney damage developed into end stage of kidney disease in his home country. After treatment in our hospital, he got a great improvement with his more

Hospitalization's Environment in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Our hospital-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital is one of largest kidney disease specialized hospitals in China. With 30 years hard working and development, more and more foreign patients come to more

A Letter of Thanks from a Patient to Kidney Hospital in China

Today, its my honor to share a letter of thanks from Mohemmed to kidney hospital in China with you. Now, let have a look. To, The Director/Doctor/Aclmsn/Nurse and other stuff Respected Sir/Madam, I am more

Diabetic Nephropathy V Stage Patient from Nigeria Sees Significant Efficiency in China

The chart below is about changes of the patients illness condition between per-treatment and posttreatment. He came to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital and received Chinese Medicine Treatments and more

Chinese Medicine Treatments Bring New Life for the American Man

Name: Robert Williams Gender: Male Age: 65 years old Country: America Diagnosis: Primary Hypertension, Hypertensive Nephropathy, Kidney Failure, Coronary Heart Disease, Hyperlipemia. Illness history more