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Nephrotic Syndrome

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Nephrotic Syndrome Symptoms

How Does Nephrotic Syndrome Cause Facial Oedema

Among Nephrotic Syndrome patients, it is common to see facial oedema. How does Nephrotic Syndrome cause facial oedema? After reading this article, you will find out the answer. Facial oedema is associated with water retention. Proteinuria i...Read More

Chinese Medicine for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients with ++++ Albumin in Urine

Please send me Chinese medicine detail for Nephrotic Syndrome. Patient age 5 years, male, having ++++ albumin in urine. When our kids have such a severe condition, we must be eager to find out an effective treatment to bring the disease und...Read More

Loose Motions in Nephrotic Syndrome: How to Relieve It

No matter constipation or loose motions can make kidney condition worse. How to relieve loose motions for Nephrotic Syndrome patients? Read on to find out the answer. First of all, you should find out the cause of diarrhea for Nephrotic Syn...Read More

After Treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome Why Edema Can Occur Again

After treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome, why edema can occur again? This question troubles a lot of Nephrotic Syndrome patients. Today let renal doctor from Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine give you an answer. Hel...Read More

Creatinine 1.66 for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients: What to Do

Question: I have Nephrotic Syndrome and my creatinine level is getting increasingly high. It is 1.66 now. Last test showed protein in my urine was 3g, and I do not have swelling. Can you advise me of this condition? Answer: From creatinine...Read More

Treatment for Waistline Itching in Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome refers to a series of severe symptoms, including severe swelling, large amount of protein in urine, and so on. And some patients also complain about waistline itching with the kidney disease, in following article, we will...Read More

How Can I Reduce Swelling in My Face from Nephrotic Syndrome

If you happen to be a Nephrotic Syndrome patient, you may notice swelling around your eyes, face and ankles or feet. Swelling face, also known as moonface not only cause pain for patients but also affect the patients beauty. How can I reduc...Read More

What Is the Physical Sign of Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is a typical sign to indicate that your kidneys have fail to function properly. Once your kidneys cannot work well, some symptoms or discomforts occur and affect your body health. Therefore, only knowing the signs of the...Read More

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