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Latest Articles

Acute Renal Failure: How High is BUN Level Dangerous

Questions: I am diagnosed with acute renal failure and the BUN level is high. I want to know how high is BUN level dangerous? ...[Read More]

Home Remedies for FSGS with Creatinine 5.2

Questions: I am a patient with FSGS. The creatinine level has reached 5.2. I am looking forward to some home remedies for my condition. Could you give me some suggestions? ...[Read More]

What does Creatinine 2.3 Mean with IgA Nephropathy

Questions: I am a patients with IgA Nephropathy. My blood pressure slightly high. The blood test shows that the creatinine level is 2.3. What does creatinine 2.3 mean with IgA nephropathy? ...[Read More]

Is Potassium 5.6 Serious with Kidney Failure

Questions: I am a patient with kidney failure. Recently, I took a blood test in hospital and the blood test shows that the serum potassium is 5.6mmol/L. Is potassium 5.6 serious with kidney failure? ...[Read More]

What does Creatinine 7 mean

Questions: I am diagnosed with FSGS two years ago. Recently, I took a test in hospital and my creatinine leve is elevated to 7ummol/L. What does creatinine 7 mean? Do you have suggested treatment that is effective to my condition? ...[Read More]

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