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Kidney Failure Treatment

What Can You Take to Keep Your Creatinine Level Down

What can you take to keep your creatinine level down? High creatinine level is a severe sign to renal patients, because it means kidneys have been damaged severely with less than 50% renal function left. So, taking treatment to lower high c...Read More

Is Chinese Medicine Good For End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)

Is Chinese medicine good for end stage renal disease (ESRD)? Nowadays, Chinese medicine treatment becomes more and more popular, and more people choose to take this natural treatment to improve the condition. Therefore, many renal patients...Read More

Options of Treatment for Kidney Failure And The Period It Takes to Recover

What are the options of treatment for kidney failure and the period of it takes to recover? this is a question got from our mail box, In this article, we will learn about the treatment options and treatment proces...Read More

Can You Send the Chinese Medicine To Me For My Kidney Failure

Doctor, I am far away from China, so I cant come. Can you send me some Chinese medicines for my kidney failure? This is one of the common questions we met with our patients, especially for foreign patients. Because they dont know whether ou...Read More

Lupus Nephritis And Kidney Failure: Stop Dialysis Naturally

In this article, we will tell a patient story in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. A lupus nephritis patient with kidney failure got rid of dialysis naturally by taking Chinese medicine treatment, are you interested to know what kind of...Read More

Natural Treatment for End Stage Renal Failure in China

What is natural treatment for end stage renal failure in China? This should be a common question for patients since dialysis and kidney transplant are always their last choices with the disease. In this article, you can learn some natural a...Read More

Is There Any Chance Without Transplantation for Renal Failure

Renal failure, or kidney failure, refers to end stage of kidney disease, and it means kidneys have been damaged severely with low kidney function. Kidney transplantation is mostly suggested treatment by doctor for patients, however, is ther...Read More

What Is Prognosis for 10% Kidney Function

My brothers kidney function is at ten percent. What is prognosis? I receive the question from the Online Patient. Actually, under such a condition, the most concern for patients is the prognosis of renal function 10% or how long they can li...Read More

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