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Kidney Failure Symptoms

5 Complications of Kidney Failure

We all know that uremia is horrible, but if you do not attach importance to these 5 complications, your life may be threatened. One of the important duty of kidney is to clear waste products and toxin from the blood into urine. If your kidn...Read More

Are Headaches Common in ESRD

A number of ESRD patients complain about headaches. Are headache common in ESRD? In fact, this symptom reflects there is something wrong with your health. Now go on reading to lean more information. Causes of headache for ESRD patients -In...Read More

Does Kidney Failure Cause Confusion if on Dialysis

Kidney failure is a medical condition in which kidneys fail to work adequately. Does kidney failure cause confusion if on dialysis? Read on to learn more information. -Psychological disorder For kidney patients who just start dialysis, they...Read More

How to Keep Energy for Stage 5 Kidney Failure Patients

Once diagnosed with kidney disease, you may feel weaker and weaker. In severe cases, you may hardly stand up. How to keep energy for stage 5 kidney failure patients? Read on to get the answer. -To improve anemia Anemia is very common for re...Read More

If Kidneys Become Small What Happen

The average length pole to pole of an adult human kidney is 10-13 cm (4 to 5 inches). If kidneys become small, what happen? Now go on reading to learn more information. When kidneys become small, it means kidney tissues become scarred so th...Read More

Does High BUN And Creatinine Mean Kidney Failure

Some people found that they have a high Blood Urine Nitrogen(BUN) level, at the same time they also gain a high creatinine level, so they are eager to know does the high BUN and creatinine level mean Kidney Failure? As for this question, I...Read More

Breathlessness and Renal Failure: Take Natural Chinese Medicine Treatment

Renal failure, or kidney failure, means kidneys have been damaged severely with low kidney function, and patients will suffer from various symptoms. Breathlessness is a common one that complained by many patients. In fact, Chinese medicine...Read More

Swelling Proteinuria and Hypertension: Suggestions to Slow Down Renal Failure

Renal failure or kidney failure means kidneys have been damaged severely, and patients may suffer from some severe symptoms, like swelling, proteinuria, hypertension, etc. If these symptoms cant be controlled well, it may cause the worse of...Read More

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