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Kidney Failure Symptoms

How Can I Treat Constipation for Kidney Failure Patients

Quite a number of kidney failure patients complain they suffer from constipation, especially when they go for dialysis treatment. However, few patients know the proper treatments. How can I treat constipation for renal failure patients? Fir...Read More

What Stage Is Anuria in Renal Failure

Kidney Failure means that kidneys are unable to function well. According to GFR level, it is divided into five stages. The more advanced stage you are in, the more severer symptoms you will experience. Well then, what stage is anuria in ren...Read More

What Are Symptoms to Identify Kidney Deterioration

A good learning of symptoms about kidney disease or kidney failure is very important, so that you can prevent kidney from further damage and take timely effective treatments. Well then, what are symptoms to identify kidney deterioration? As...Read More

Low Kidney Function Along with Shortage of Breath and Fatigue

A person with low kidney function is more prone to suffer from numerous symptoms and complications, among which shortage of breath and fatigue can affect patients health and life a lot. Here we will introduce its causes and possible treatme...Read More

High Creatinine Level in Kidney Failure without Dialysis

Kidney Failure patients are not strange to High Creatinine Level. Along with decrease of renal function, creatinine level also will become higher and higher. Eventually, Dialysis can be your last option before kidney transplantation. Well t...Read More

Difficulty in Urinating in Kidney Failure: Causes and Treatment

The most basic function of the kidneys is to produce urine. For patients with Kidney Failure, they will suffer a series of abnormalities of urination. Some renal failure patients may suffer from difficulty in urinating. But few people know...Read More

Swelling in Kidney Failure: Causes and Treatments

I cannot stop swelling all over time, it has lasted for seven days. I am convinced this is to do with kidney failure. Therefore, what treatment can help me relieve the condition? The word comes from one patient. Here we will share more usef...Read More

What Are the Most Common Symptoms When A Person Has Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure means that patients have already lost most of renal function. It is well known that kidneys are important organ that can maintain our whole body health. Once it is damaged by some factors, patients will suffer a lot. Well the...Read More

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