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Kidney Failure Basics

Can Kidney Failure Prevent A Man from Having Kids

A question that likely crosses the mind of many kidney patients at reproductive age, male or female is will I be able to have children? For female and male, the answer is difference. Now in this article, lets have a quick look at whether ki...Read More

How Long Can You Live on ESRD Disease

The more advanced your kidney disease, the more complications you may have, and the more risks you will have. How long can you live on ESRD disease? After reading this article, you will find out the answer. If you do not start dialysis or d...Read More

What Is Your Outcome with Only 5% Kidney Function

When your kidneys are only working at 5%, what is your outcome? If you are interested in this topic, read on, you will find out the answer. You may have to live on dialysis. Under normal circumstance, when renal function is less than 5%, yo...Read More

How Do We Know if An Atrophic Kidney Dies

For an adult, the normal kidney is about 10-14 cm long in males and 9-13 cm long in females. But with kidney disease, it is likely for you to suffer from kidney shrinkage. How do we know if an atrophic kidney dies? When an atrophic kidney d...Read More

If You Have only 16% of Functioning Kidney What Does It Mean

Kidney is an organ with a lot of functions, such as filtering blood, secreting erythropoietin, regulating blood pressure and pH, etc. If you have only 16 % of functioning kidney, what does it mean? -It means you are in stage 4, and you are...Read More

Can You Die from Kidney Failure

Can you die from kidney failure? The answer is no. But the fact is that many renal patients die eventually. Do you know why? Now go on reading to learn more information. Simply renal failure does not threaten your life. But its complication...Read More

How Long Do You Live if GFR Is Below 15

With the decline of renal function, your life quality and expectancy will be affected more or less. How long do you live if GFR is below 15? Read on to learn more. Without any treatment Because of decreased GFR, massive waste products and e...Read More

Why are Renal Patients Still Unhappy With Reduced High Creatinine

For renal disease patients, especially patients who have already developed into end stage renal disease, they will suffer from high creatinine level, and they should know that the high level means their kidneys have been damaged severely. S...Read More

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