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Kidney Failure Basics

Why are Renal Patients Still Unhappy With Reduced High Creatinine

For renal disease patients, especially patients who have already developed into end stage renal disease, they will suffer from high creatinine level, and they should know that the high level means their kidneys have been damaged severely. S...Read More

What Should People Concern Once Diagnosed With Renal Failure

What should people concern about once diagnosed with renal failure? This should be a common question to kidney disease patients. In fact, there are many factors will affect the prognosis of this disease, so patients need to pay attention in...Read More

You Can Still Get High Quality Life With ESRD

ESRD, end stage renal disease, means kidney failure that kidneys have been damaged severely with very low kidney function. In this condition, patients will suffer from some severe symptoms and complications, which will affect their life qua...Read More

How Will Kidney Failure Affect My Life

Kidney failure means your kidneys no longer work well enough to do their job, so you need treatment to replace the work your damaged kidneys have stopped doing. However, there are still many people dont know who kidney failure will affect t...Read More

Do One Thing: His 30 Years Kidney Disease Didn’t Develop Into Kidney Failure

Kidney disease becomes a more and more popular disease for people all over the world, and it is a progressive kidney disease that patients may finally develop into kidney failure without good control. In order to prevent kidney failure, the...Read More

Will All The Nephritis Develop Into Kidney Failure

Will all the nephritis develop into kidney failure? This should be one of most concerned questions for kidney failure patients. In fact, not all the nephritis will progress into kidney failure if patients can get well planed diet and effect...Read More

Exercise Tips for Patients with Kidney Failure

Life lies on movement. Thats to say, exercise is very important for humans health and there is no exception for kidney failure patients. However, since the specific illness condition will be different from case to case for kidney failure pa...Read More

How Long Can A Patient With ESRD Survive without Dialysis

ESRD (end stage renal disease) is the most advanced stage of kidney disease so that dialysis begin dialysis for sustaining their life. However, there are still some patients with ESRD to live by their own kidneys and they may want to know ho...Read More

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