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How Big Should A Kidney Cyst Get Before I Worry About It

2017-08-19 10:39| Font Size A A A

How Big Should A Kidney Cyst Get Before I Worry About It

How big should a kidney cyst get before I worry about it? If you have cysts on your kidneys, you must concern about such an issue.

Usually, when the cysts are less than 3cm in diameter, patients do not have any symptoms. But as the cysts grow bigger, it will oppress surrounding renal cells and tissues, leading to back pain, poor appetite, or even kidney damage. Therefore, if your kidney cysts are small than 3cm, do not worry too much. What you should do is to do regular checkups to see whether the cyst grows bigger or not.

Treatment to shrink kidney cysts

When your cysts keep growing and you have a series of symptoms, medical treatment should be taken into consideration. In western medicine, surgery is often used, such as Sclerotherapy and laparoscopic cyst decortication. But if you do not like those invasive treatment, and want to try conservative treatment. Chinese medicine will be a good choice for you. The commonly used Chinese medicine in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

This therapy is an innovation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is to infiltrate the micronized herbs into damaged kidneys with the help of osmosis devices. It can increase the pressure difference inside and outside of cysts and meanwhile speed up blood microcirculation on cysts so that fluid can be taken away. As a result, cysts become small. It can also inhibit the abnormal proliferation of renal tubular epithelial cells and stop the secretion of lining cells, and then cysts won’t enlarge. No matter you are with simple kidney cysts or polycystic kidneys, this treatment is helpful for you to improve your medical condition. So far we have treated thousands of patients, and almost all of them get improved.

How big should a kidney cyst get before I worry about it? 3cm. If you can not find out an effective treatment to shrink it, you can try Chinese medicine. For more information on our hospital and our treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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