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Why Creatinine Level Is Still High Even if Urinary Protein Reduces

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Why Creatinine Level Is Still High Even if Urinary Protein Reduces
Urinary protein and creatinine are the most concerned indicators for renal patients. If both of them decreases, it indicates that your illness condition gets improved. But in some cases, proteinuria reduces, but creatinine level is still high. In this article, let’s have a quick look at why.

Why does proteinuria drop, but creatinine level still can not come down?

Creatinine is byproduct of muscle metabolism, which is excreted by glomeruli. The changes of creatinine level is determined by glomerular filtration rate (GFR). When GFR decreases, creatinine concentration increases. Creatinine can reflect the situation of renal parenchymal damage more accurately, but it is not a sensitive index. Because blood creatinine increases significantly when the glomerular filtration rate dropped to one-third of the normal population. That is to say, because of the strong metabolic capacity of human kidney, when kidney damage is relatively slight, people generally feel less obvious, so people have nausea, vomiting, dizziness and so on, their kidneys have been damaged seriously, at this time, serum creatinine level begins to rise significantly.

However, urinary protein only indicates increased glomerular basement membrane permeability, which can allow protein to be filtered, which is not proportional to renal function. There are many patients with renal diseases. Although urinary protein exists for a long time, renal function can remain normal for a long time and creatinine can be kept in the normal range. Similarly, although proteinuria has declined, creatinine does not necessarily fall because necrotic kidney cells cannot be recovered.

Why doctor does not prescribe me any medicine to lower high creatinine level?

It is good to see creatinine lowering, but in two cases, to lower creatinine level may accelerate the deterioration.

1. Creatinine increases suddenly in a short period.

Under normal circumstances, creatinine may fluctuate a little, but is basically stable. But in life it is common to encounter sudden elevation of creatinine in short periods of time, such as acute kidney disease; Too tired to have a good rest; dehydration caused by fever, sweat and drink less water; catching a cold. They can all cause creatinine elevation. After a few days or months, when the cause disappears, creatinine decreases, and kidney function improves. It is unnecessary to receive treatment, but observation.

2. Creatinine level has been high for a long period.

If you have been with high creatinine for a long period of time, for example, more than half a year, a few years or even over 10 years, it indicates that your kidney damage has been a long time. In such a case, it is insignificant to lower creatinine level. What you should do is to protect the residual renal function and slow down the progression to uremia.

Now you know the relation between high creatinine and proteinuria. If you would like to know more information, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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