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Glomerulonephritis Treatment

Are There Any Possibilities of Remission for Stage 4 Lupus Nephritis

Lupus Nephritis is divided into six stages and stage 4 is the advanced stage of Lupus Nephritis. Well, are there any possibilities of remission for Stage 4 Lupus Nephritis? What is stage 4 lupus nephritis? Stage 4 Lupus Nephritis is also ca...Read More

How to Improve GFR 34 in Glomerulonephritis

For Glomerulonephritis patients, if their GFR has reduced to 34, they have to take some measures to stop this procession. And they can get some useful advice from the following content. What does GFR 34 means? GFR abbreviated for glomerular...Read More

Alternative Treatment for Proteinuria in Stage 4 Lupus Nephritis

As a complication of SLE, Lupus Nephritis is commonly seen in women of child bearing age. Here, we will introduce an alternative treatment for proteinuria in stage 4 lupus nephritis. In Western medicine, doctors may prescribe patients with...Read More

Lupus Nephritis And High Blood Pressure: How to Prevent Kidney Failure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, a common sign in people with lupus nephritis. If left uncontrolled, the condition will continue to get worse. In a serious case, kidney failure may occur. Well, what should patients do to prevent this f...Read More

How to Decrease Creatinine 3.3 for Lupus Nephritis Patients

Lupus Nephritis refers to inflammation of the kidneys that caused by SLE. For people with this disorder, they may suffer from elevated creatinine level. When the creatinine increases to 3.3, what should patients do? It is generally acknowle...Read More

How to Treat Chronic Nephritis Effectively

Chronic Nephritis is a common type of glomerular disease, which can be featured by proteinuria, hypertension and other discomforts. Without effective control, renal failure may occur. Then, what should chronic nephritis patients do to bring...Read More

How to Deal with Creatinine 2.7 and Proteinuria in Glomerulonephritis

I was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis recently and the medical report show serum creatinine 2.7, meanwhile, there are lots of protein in urine, Is this serious? Any useful advices? About several days ago, a patient from India consulted ou...Read More

What is the Suggested Treatment for Lupus Nephritis

In recent years, with the rapid development of modern medical technology, more and more people have been diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis. Then what is the suggested treatment for lupus nephritis? At our center, nephrologists mainly suggest p...Read More