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FSGS in End Stage Kidney Disease: If Beets Will Help with My Condition

When speaking of beet, many people do not feel strange to it. It indeed has abundant nutrients for humans health. However, will beets help with the condition If I have FSGS in End Stage Renal Disease? Now, lets have a look. In kidney failur...Read More

Diet for FSGS Patients with 70 Percent Kidney Functioning

Patients with FSGS have many dietary restrictions due to decline of renal function. And different patients will have different requirements due to different illness conditions. For FSGS patients with 70% of kidney function, what diet is sui...Read More

Available Protein Intake and Exercise for FSGS Patients

FSGS, short for focal segmental glomeruloscerosis, is a kind of chronic kidney disease. It refers that a part of glomeruli and kidney tissues get scarred. Due to kidney damage, most patients have many taboos in diet and exercise. Here, we w...Read More

Can FSGS Patients Eat Popcorn

Popcorn is deeply loved by children and adults. Especially, when go to a theatre, we often buy a bag of popcorn. It is one of the most enjoyable things to eat while watching, but can FSGS patients eat popcorn? Popcorn is made of corn which...Read More

Can FSGS Patients Eat Walnuts

Walnut is a kind of healthy food which has many medicine properties. As we all know, FSGS patients have many dietary taboos. Thereby, is it good for them? Now, lets have a look something about FSGS (focal segmental glomerulosclerosis). Pati...Read More

Is Ampalaya Good for a Person with FSGS

Is ampalaya good for FSGS patients? I think many patients more or less have doubts with this question. For a FSGS patients, a reasonable and healthy diet plays an important role in a good management of illness condition. In fact, patients a...Read More

Can FSGS Patients Drink Alcohol

Can FSGS patients drink alcohol? If you happen to be a patient with this disorder and wine bibber, I think this is really a difficult thing. Please go on and try to find the answers. To be honest, people diagnosed with FSGS are recommended...Read More

Can People with FSGS Eat Yoghurt

FSGS patients should pay enough attention to the foods they eat. As a proper diet is helpful for their health, while an unhealthy diet will worsen the illness condition. Then, can people with FSGS eat yoghurt? Yoghurt is a diary product pro...Read More

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