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“What preparation should I make If I decide to come to here for the treatment?”. Many foreign patients will ask the question. Now, everything is listed below. Any questions, please call me directly, (008613463017175). I am glad to help you.


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Inpatient Life

Here you can join us to see what happens during the period of receiving treatment, share their happiness and feel happy for them.


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The Cost of Treatments in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Nowadays, more and more kidney disease patients consult the similar questions: how much can I get your treatment? To give your an answer, we will list the cost of every therapy. If you are interest in the certain therapy, please consult our doctor timely so as to you can get the individualized and best treatment.

  • Accommodation
  • Charges ($)
  • Common room
  • 80
  • Best room
  • 165

2. The total examination cost is 1000$ one day;

3. Nursing care cost is about 67-85$ one day;

4. Chinese Medicine Therapy cost

All of them are the innovated kidney disease treatment from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Due to their safety, significant curative effect and proper cost, many patients try to the following treatments.

  • Chinese treatment options
  • Charges($)
  • Mai Kang Mixture
  • 16/bottle
  • Oral Herbal Medicines
  • 1.66/bottle
  • Foot Bath
  • 3/dose/
  • Medicated Bath
  • 25/dose+nursing fee=36.7
  • Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy
  • Common prescription:25/dosage× 4dosages/d=100/d
  • Ziche prescription:36/dosage× 4dosages/d=144/d
  • Chinese Medicine Enema Therapy
  • 1.33/dose

5. Blood Purification Charges

Kidney Failure Patients can choose the different blood purification treatments according to individualized illness condition. And you can see the charges clearly from the chart.

  • Types
  • Hemodialysis
  • Dialysis + Filtration
  • High Throughput
  • HVHF (High Volume Hemofiltration)
  • Hemoperfusion
  • HA130
  • HA230
  • HA280
  • HA330
  • HA 330-2
  • Bedside Hemofiltration
  • Plasma Exchange
  • Per Time Charges ($)
  • 78.3
  • 121.6
  • 108.3
  • 121.6
  • 276.1
  • 401.8
  • 471.3
  • 531.8
  • 640.1
  • 842.3/12hours 786.3/10 hours
  • 1304.1+protein amount=1500

6. Stem Cell Therapy

We provide the several types of stem cells with different charges. You can have the right to choose what you want to receive.

  • Types of Stem Cells
  • Charges($)
  • Umbilical cord blood pluripotent stem cells
  • 4,024
  • Umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells
  • 12,878
  • Nerual stem cells
  • 38,635
  • CIK cells
  • 8.210 (three time in a course)
  • NK cells
  • 12,878
  • DC-CIK cells
  • 12,878

7. Follow-up treatment charges

Generally speaking, patients are suggested to stay at hospital for about one month. After the discharge from hospital, the doctor will suggest patients to take Chinese Medicines for about 3-6 months at home, so as to ensure the optimal outcomes.

Chinese Medicine Changes ( $/per day)

-common prescription 25

-Ziche prescription 36

Tips: The above charge list is made before discounts. Any questions, please be free to contact us: email to or leave a message below directly. We sincerely hope you can get the best treatment with the most reasonable cost.