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CKD Treatment

Alternative Medical Care for Stage 3 CKD Due to Hypertension

What are the alternative medical care for Stage 3 CKD due to hypertension? When diagnosed with the disease, most patients can not helping concerning the remedies or treatments. Today, you will find the natural and effective treatments here!...Read More

Stage 3 CKD: Can I Stop the Progression and What’s the Prognosis for the Disease at This Stage

I have just been diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease. I have many questions but the first is that can I stop the progression and what is the prognosis for the disease at this stage? one patient send a letter to our email box: rena...Read More

What Is the Next Step for Patients with Stage 3 CKD

I was just diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease. Whats the next step? one online patient ask our Online Doctor. Now, for the questions, our Dr. John who is a kidney expert of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital give the professional and s...Read More

Does Stage 3 CKD Patient Need Kidney Transplantation

My son has Stage 3 CKD, why must we wait until he is in stage 5 for a transplant? one mother consult our Online Doctor. Today, you will have the further learning about the question. If you have other questions after you read the passage, yo...Read More

Current Treatments for Chronic Kidney Disease

Are you still looking for current treatments for Chronic Kidney Disease? Then, it is very lucky that you can read the passages. You will find an individualized treatment plan here. If you need further help, you can send email to renal-disea...Read More

Natural Treatments for Both Swollen Kidneys

Swollen kidneys means that your kidneys are larger than the kidneys normal size. Actually, the condition can be caused by several kidney diseases like PKD, kidney cysts, kidney stone, Hydronephrosis and so on. Well then, is there any any na...Read More

Does Nettle Leaf Tea Work to Improve Kidney Problems

Nettle leaf tea is made from leaves, roots and seeds of the herb. Some properties within nettle leaf indeed is powerful kidney tonic and it can help improve renal function to some extent. Now, lets learn related information further. Actuall...Read More

Can An Individual Go for Dialysis with Stage 5 CKD

Stage 5 CKD (end-stage renal disease) is very severely reduced kidney function, less than 15%. At this advanced stage of kidney disease, patients are prone to suffer from serious symptoms and complications. In order to sustain life span, so...Read More

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