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CKD Treatment

What Can I Do to Make Kidney Work Normally

Are you a kidney patient? Do you want to know what you can do to make kidney work normally? If yes, go on reading this article. If you have any other questions on kidney disease, please consult online doctor. If you are still in early stage...Read More

What Can Help Rebuild Your Kidneys

When kidneys are slightly damaged, it is possible for you to repair themselves with proper treatment. What can help rebuild your kidneys? Read on to find out the answer. Not all renal patients can rebuild their kidneys. With kidney disease,...Read More

How to Stop Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a condition in which your renal function gradually loses overtime. How to stop progression of chronic kidney disease? To know the answer can help you have a good prognosis. -If your renal disease is secondary...Read More

Can Chinese Angelica Improve Kidney Function

Chinese angelica is also known as Dong Quai. It has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Can Chinese angelica improve kidney function? If you would like to try some Chinese herbs, go on reading to learn more information. -I...Read More

Treatment Options for Stage 5 CKD

What are the treatment options for stage 5 CKD? You may just think of dialysis or kidney transplant. In fact, with the development of medical technology, they are no more the only treatment for you. Now go on reading to learn more informati...Read More

Can I Improve GFR in Stage 4 CKD

Can I improve GFR in stage 4 CKD? Standing at the edge of dialysis, you may be eager to know the answer. Here I can tell you that with timely and effective treatment, it is possible for you to keep dialysis away and lead a normal life, beca...Read More

Can Stage Ⅲ Kidney Disease Be Reversed by Micro-Chinese Medicine

Can stage Ⅲ kidney disease be reversed by Micro-Chinese Medicine? Not a few kidney patients consulted our renal doctor after reading our article. Here we can give you a definite answer, it can. Read on to learn more information. Micro-Chi...Read More

Renal Disease Treatment: Natural Toxin-Removing Treatment

Renal disease , or kidney disease, also means chronic kidney disease , it is a progressive disease that suffers from gradually reduced kidney function. Without taking effective treatment, the disease can finally develop into kidney failure....Read More

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