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CKD Treatment

Five Good Habits Help You Protect Renal Function and Avoid Uremia

Kidney disease treatment is a long course, which requires you to have more patience and confidence to fight against the disease. Most patients can stabilize illness condition under the guidance of doctors, but some will progress into uremia...Read More

Under These Conditions, It Is Unnecessary for Kidney Patients to Take Steroids

Steroids are like double-edged sword. On one hand, it can stop protein leakage and control the deterioration of kidney disease. On the other hand, it brings a lot of side effects. Then does it mean steroids are a must when proteinuria exist...Read More

Vitamin D Supplements Can Extend the Lifespan of Kidney Patients

Previous clinical studies have found that the general population have an increased risk of morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular disease if vitamin D is deficient, while when vitamin D is supplemented, the risk will be reduced. However,...Read More

Tacrolimus for Kidney Disease

When it comes to treating kidney disease and lowering proteinuria, there are a lot of drugs we have used, but they are more or less toxic. For example, cyclophosphamide can cause liver damage; Leflumide causes hair loss and blood pressure t...Read More

Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine: Which One Is Better for Kidney Disease Treatment

The pathogenesis of chronic kidney disease is complex, and it is recognized as a refractory disease by the medical profession, and once the renal function is damaged, it is irreversible. Therefore, the ultimate goal of treatment is to delay...Read More

4 Points Help You Get Kidney Function Back Quickly and Well

To judge whether illness condition gets well or bad, we should not only look at the external symptoms and laboratory indicators of patients, but also look at the essence. The changes of renal function determine the future life of kidney pat...Read More

3 Strategies for You to Stabilize Renal Function

The progression of kidney disease is affected by multiple factors, among which various complications have a great impact on renal function. To protect the residual renal function as much as possible, the development of complications must be...Read More

How Long You Need to Take Medicine for Kidney Disease

There are many kinds of chronic kidney diseases, including primary nephropathy and secondary nephropathy, glomerular disease and renal tubular disease. The duration of medication for various kidney diseases ranges from a few months to a lif...Read More

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