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CKD Symptoms

How Does Black Color in Palm Occur in Kidney Disease

There is a word: your skin is a window to your health. Changes to skin coloration can indicate various medical conditions. It happens that some kidney disease patients always complain they suffer from black color in palm. Do you feel strang...Read More

Can Chronic Kidney Disease Affect the Color of Hair

Whether the color of hair is normal is associated with the physical health condition. Thus the color of hair can be regarded as a indicator to reflect physical condition. Well then, can chronic kidney disease affect the hair color? Actually...Read More

How Does Kidney Disease Affect My Hair

Each tissues and organs of our body have the interrelation. And kidney disease is a progressive disease and it can affect our whole bodys function. Well then, how does kidney disease affect our hair? One of the common performances is hair l...Read More

How to Deal with Painful Feet in CKD

Chronic kidney disease patients are prone to suffer from painful feet. And how to deal with this symptom has been one of urgent problems for them. Here we will recommend a natural remedy which can be a reference for you. Before knowing the...Read More

Can I Suffer From Insomnia with Creatinine 3 and BUN 34

Insomnia is a one of performances of sleeping disorder. It can disturb the peoples normal life and work. It is same to patients with kidney disease. Well then, can I suffer from insomnia with creatinine 3 and BUN 34? Both creatinine and blo...Read More

Can Kidney Disease Cause Blue Fingernails and Toenails

Today, one kidney disease patient chats with me and tells me that he has lower back, face and leg addition, he also find that his fingernails and toenails look blue. He feel confused and have no idea the specific reasons about t...Read More

Early Symptoms or Signs of Kidney Disease

As we all know, kidney disease is uncurable. But if we can find this disease in the early time, the condition may have a great difference. Well then, how do you know that whether you have kidney disease? Here Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hos...Read More

Can Chronic Kidney Disease Cause Pulmonary Edema

Chronic Kidney Disease refers to a progressive disease about gradual decline of renal function. And edema is a common symptom for kidney disease patients. And it may appear at any part of the body. Well then, can kidney disease cause pulmon...Read More

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