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CKD Symptoms

Potential Complications of Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3

In chronic kidney disease stage 3, kidneys are working with kidney function 30%~59%, so kidneys are unable to filter blood perfectly. In this case, some potential complications will occur to affect patients overall health condition. As we a...Read More

Can Foot Swelling Be Due to Kidney Disease

Edema is the abnormal swelling or bloating of some part of the body duet to a buildup of fluid in body tissues. It most often occurs in the foot, ankles and lower legs. Well then, can foot swelling be due to kidney disease?...Read More

Hyperphosphatemia Symptoms in Chronic Kidney Disease

Hyperphosphatemia is one of the most important complications in Chronic Kidney Disease, especially in end stage renal disease (ESRD). Knowing its signs or symptoms plays an important role in preventing the condition. First, what is hyperpho...Read More

How to Does Swelling and Pain on Wrist Occur in Kidney Disease

Some kidney disease patients always complain that there is swelling on their wrists and make them pain and discomforts. But they do not how does it occur in kidney disease? And how to treat this condition? Writs pain is pain located in the...Read More

How Does CKD Cause Kidney Pain

CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) refers that kidney loses its functions over a period of months or years. Along with decrease of renal function, kidney pain may be presented in patients. Then, how does CKD cause kidney pain? And how to deal wit...Read More

How Does Black Color in Palm Occur in Kidney Disease

There is a word: your skin is a window to your health. Changes to skin coloration can indicate various medical conditions. It happens that some kidney disease patients always complain they suffer from black color in palm. Do you feel strang...Read More

Can Chronic Kidney Disease Affect the Color of Hair

Whether the color of hair is normal is associated with the physical health condition. Thus the color of hair can be regarded as a indicator to reflect physical condition. Well then, can chronic kidney disease affect the hair color? Actually...Read More

How Does Kidney Disease Affect My Hair

Each tissues and organs of our body have the interrelation. And kidney disease is a progressive disease and it can affect our whole bodys function. Well then, how does kidney disease affect our hair? One of the common performances is hair l...Read More

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