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CKD Symptoms

What to Do if Your Proteinuria Does Not Turn Negative for A Long Time

I have taken steroids for a long period of time, why my proteinuria can not turn negative? You may have the similar doubt. In fact, besides medication, you should pay attention to these 3 points. Now go on reading to learn more information....Read More

To Reduce Proteinuria, You Cannot Rely on Drugs Only

Urinary protein is an important early indicator of kidney disease. It can reflect renal condition. For some renal patients, in the early examination, it was found that this indicator was abnormal, and further examination revealed kidney dis...Read More

Proteinuria Is Mainly Due to This Part of Kidney Is Damaged

Proteinuria is a common symptom of kidney disease. But do you know which part of kidney is damaged that results in proteinuria? Pathogenesis of proteinuria As we all know, glomerulus is like a sieve, which is responsible for purifying the b...Read More

How Long Does It Take for Proteinuria to Damage the Kidneys

Proteinuria is a clinical manifestation of kidney disease. How long does it take for proteinuria to damage the kidneys? Read on to learn more information. Proteinuria means kidney damage. Healthy kidneys do not allow a significant amount of...Read More

What to Take for Severe Constipation if You Have Kidney Disease

Because of diet restriction, side effects of medications, physical inactivity and some other factors, kidney patients are easy to get constipation. What to take for severe constipation if you have kidney disease? Go on reading to learn more...Read More

Natural Ways to Treat Protein in Urine

Question: Hi. I have been taking steroids for a year and I want to totally get off it. As on now on 10mg, but still leaking 3gram protein in my 24hrs test. I will like to use natural ways to treat protein in urine even though it will take t...Read More

How Much Protein Should You Reduce in Urine to Avoid Uremia

For kidney patients, many factors can affect the decline rate of kidney function, but urine protein is the problem that almost all kidney patients suffer from. Clinical researches also show that long-term massive proteinuria may speed up th...Read More

How to Lower Proteinuria and Stabilize Kidney Function

We all know that proteinuria is an important factor that worsens kidney function, thereby during the treatment, we should focus on reducing proteinuria and stabilize kidney function. In the following, lets have a look at how to reduce prote...Read More

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