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CKD Symptoms

Two Anti-Hypertensive Drugs Can Reduce Urine Protein

Long-term uncontrolled high blood pressure can cause kidney damage, but you need anti-hypertensive drugs to control the elevation of blood pressure and prevent further kidney damage. But have you met such a condition: your blood pressure is...Read More

Improve Appetite for Chronic Kidney Disease Patient

How to improve appetite for chronic kidney disease (CKD) patient? With development of CKD, patients can get some severe symptoms, and loss of appetite is a common one, and it may affect the life expectancy of patients. So patients should do...Read More

Does CKD Cause Leg Problems During Sleep

Chronic Kidney Disease is a progressive disease over time, which can cause more symptoms or discomforts gradually. Well then, does CKD cause leg problems during sleep? Actually, the answer is yes, especially when your kidney damage progress...Read More

Can Kidney Sickness Cause Bad Breath

Bad breath is indeed an embarrassing thing when you talk to somebody. Actually, it can be caused by many factors. However, recently, quite a number of kidney disease patients complain that they have a bad taste in mouth. Well then, can kidn...Read More

Is Potassium 6.5 Dangerous for Patients with Kidney Disease

Is potassium 6.5 dangerous for patients with kidney disease? The question is concerned by most kidney disease with the condition. Please dont worry, here you will see the related information and effective treatments. How serious is potassiu...Read More

What Can A Stage 4 Kidney Disease Patient Use for Relieving Fever

A person with stage 4 kidney disease is more likely to suffer from more serious conditions due to severe decline of renal function. Fever, especially low grade fever is commonly seen among patients with severe kidney damage. However, what c...Read More

CKD Patients with Feet Hurting: Causes and Treatment

CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) patients are prone to suffer from symptoms and complications due to decreased renal function. Some patients complain that they feel feet hurting, which bring much pain and inconvenience to patients. Here we will...Read More

How Bad Can Be Foaming Urine in A Diabetes Patient

Quite a number of diabetes patients do find they have some bubbles or foams in their urine. Sometimes, they will disappear after a while, while sometimes it means there is protein in urine. What on earth foam in urine occur? How bad can be...Read More

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