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CKD Symptoms

Natural Treatments for Proteinuria with Kidney Disease

Proteinuria is an early sign of kidney disease. Nowadays, more and more patients are seeking for the natural treatments. What is the natural treatments for proteinuria with kidney disease? The causes of proteinuria with kidney disease As we...Read More

Persistent Protein: An Early Sign of CKD

As we all know, urine is a typical symptom of kidney disease. Generally, there is a quantitative protein exists in human body, neither too much nor too little, which is indispensable to human life. If only urine micro protein, it basically...Read More

What are the Causes of Shortness of Breath in Chronic Kidney Disease

There are many complications that come along with chronic kidney disease. Shortness of breath may appear in patients with chronic kidney disease. What are the causes of shortness of breath in chronic kidney disease? Kidney is an important o...Read More

Kidney Shrinkage with Creatinine 4.7

Kidney shrinkage is the condition that kidney becomes smaller and smaller due to various damages to kidney. The normal size of kidney equals to your own fist. When the kidney is damaged, it will shrink in size. Creatinine level 4.7 is a ris...Read More

Bubbles in Urine

There are many causes of bubbles in urine, such as mild dehydration, pregnancy, forceful urination,etc. Another possibility is that over much protein occurs in urine, which is called proteinuria. This often indicate kidney disease. There ar...Read More

Headache with CKD after Dialysis

Dialysis is the most common approach for patients with CKD(Chronic Kidney Disease). It is helpful to remove the waste products and toxins that accumulated in blood, and lower the high creatinine level and blood urea nitrogen level. However,...Read More

Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease with Anemia

Chronic Kidney Disease is progressive with the glomerular filtration rate(GFR) changes. At stage 3, the GFR is moderately declined to 30-59 ml/min/1.73m2. With GFR continuously declines, many complications will occur. Anemia is one of the c...Read More

Hair Loss with Stage 4 Kidney Disease

Patients with kidney disease may be troubled with a series of discomforts, such as high blood pressure, swollen face, foamy urine, anemia,etc. Also, hair loss will occur with some patients. People may doubt that why one will suffer hair los...Read More

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