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CKD Symptoms

Why Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Have Frequent Urination at Night

For people with Chronic Kidney Disease, they may complain that they have frequent urination at night. As it will affect patients sleep quality to a large degree, it is really necessary to learn about the following contents. Kidneys work as...Read More

What if I Have CKD and Anemia

Chronic kidney disease refers to a medical condition caused by diabetes, hypertension, glomerulonephritis or other disorders. As a consequence, the kidneys will not be able to do his job properly. However, when anemia occurs, what should pa...Read More

Chronic Kidney Disease And Gout

Frankly speaking, people with chronic kidney disease may be plagued by many problems. However, is gout related to CKD? If so, what are the possible causes and treatments? Gout in chronic kidney disease Gout is featured by severe attacks of...Read More

Stage 3 CKD: Creatinine 4.3 And Frequent Urination at Night

Q: I was diagnosed with Stage 3 CKD, and the latest test report show creatinine 4.3, besides, I suffer from frequent urination at night and diabetes too. I was so scared, I belive there are alternative treatments. Can you help me? From the...Read More

Tiredness after Dialysis in Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

Many patients with stage 4 chornic kidney disease will experience diaysis. The feeling of tiredness after dialysis is more obvious. One just wants to lie on the bed doing nothing. Why does one suffer from tirednessafter dialysis? This artic...Read More

Shortness of Breath in Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

People in stage 4 chronic kidney disease will develop many symptoms and complications. Shortness of breath is one of the symptoms that attacks people. How does shortness of breath occur? How to deal with it? In this article, you will get th...Read More

Stage 4 kidney Failure: Poor Appetite after Dialysis

Many patients with stage 4 kidney failure suffer from poor appetite after dialysis. How does this symptom occur? How to increase your appetite? How does poor appetite occur after dialysis? With the development of kidney disease, kidney func...Read More

Poor Appetite in Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

Many patients have a poor appetite when they are in stage 4 chronic kidney disease. Why do they suffer this? How to deal with poor appetite in stage 4 chronic kidney disease? This article will give you a general idea. Why do patients suffer...Read More

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