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CKD Symptoms

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness in End Stage Renal Disease

End stage renal disease is the last and advanced stage of kidney disease to reflect that kidneys have nearly already lost all abilities. In this case, numerous systems problems will occur, including sleeping disorders. some patients will ex...Read More

Is Body Rash Related to Kidney Problems

People with some kidney problems suffer from body rash and they are very curious about that. Can kidney problems cause body rash? If you have anything unclear, please keep reading or email us to As a matter of fac...Read More

Gassy Stomach And Kidney Disease: Causes And Treatment

Is there any connection with kidney disease and gassy stomach? Indeed, some kidney disease patients are always complain they have such discomfort but they are not sure the relationship of them. Please dont worry, here we will give you a det...Read More

Nose Bleed And CKD: Causes and Treatment

Nose bleeding is a common symptom in Chronic Kidney Disease. Therefore, you dont have to be too surprised if you suffer this discomfort. But there is a fact most patients do not know exactly the relationship between nose bleeding and kidney...Read More

Itchy Limbs And Stage 3 CKD: Causes and Treatment

Most stage 3 chronic kidney disease patients are prone to suffer from itching limbs during the onset of illness. How does it occur in this kidney disease? And are there other available treatments to deal with this problem? Wanna more relate...Read More

What Does Mean of Colorless Urine

Some people are prone to experience colorless urine and they are very confused and worried. How does it occur? What does mean of colorless urine? Now, lets have look at the answer. Urine is a waste product of liquid in our body and produced...Read More

What Does CKD Stage 3B Mean

My doctor told me that I have stage 3B chronic kidney disease. I am corious and confused about what is stage 3B chronic kidney disease?What can I do for myself? These words come from one of our patients. If you have similar questions, pleas...Read More

Bubbles in Urine And Itching Legs: Causes and Treatment

What cause bubbles in urine and itching skin? For many kidney disease patients, surely they are familiar with them. How these symptoms appear on kidney disease patients? If you are confused or interested in this problem, please read on and...Read More

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