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CKD Diet

Diet Chart for End Stage Renal Disease

End stage renal disease is the final stage of kidney disease which need to depend on dialysis to sustain life when renal function declines down 10% or even less. To get a good diagnosis, aside from effective medical treatment, a scientific...Read More

Kidney Disease Diet Chart for Indian Food

India is a nation that hosts a multitude of cultures, foods and languages. The morbidity of kidney disease has significantly increased in recent years, including India. Eating well is very important to maintain your health when you have kid...Read More

Can I Eat Apples with Hemoglobin 96 Caused by CKD

Apples are one of healthiest fruits which are good for our body health. As the saying goes: one apple a day, keep the doctor away. However, for a patient with hemoglobin 96 due to Chronic Kidney Disease, are apples still good for his or her...Read More

A Proper Diet for Stage 3 CKD with Diabetes

Diabetes is one of important factor to affect kidney health. When disease progresses into Stage 3 CKD, patients begin to suffer from numerous symptoms and discomforts. And there are several treatments options to stay healthy and slow the pr...Read More

How Much Protein and Sodium Should I Take with Stage 3 CKD

It is well known that both low-protein and low-sodium diet are recommended to patients with Stage 3 CKD, which is characterized by the moderate decline of renal function. But there is a common question that disturb the patients: how much pr...Read More

Can I Drink Lime Juice with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients are suggested to eat more vegetables and fruits as well as fruits juice. Well then, can I drink lime juice with kidney disease? Lets have a look at the passage. Actually, limes are packed with vitamin C...Read More

How Should White Radish Be Consumed by Kidney Disease Patients

White radish is one common vegetable on our tables and it is favored by most people due to its high nutrition and abundant medical values. Indeed, the vegetable has many healthy benefits for kidney disease patients. Well then, how should wh...Read More

Is Safe to Take Gooseberry for Kidney Disease Patients

Gooseberry is a small round fruit that is packed with abundant nutrients. Some people argue that this fruit shows a goof effect on treating kidney disease. Is it true? Is safe to take gooseberry for people with Kidney Disease? According to...Read More

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