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CKD Diet

Is Mangosteen Juice Beneficial for Kidney Disease Patients

As kidney disease patients have many restrictions on daily diet, they should be careful when they choose something to drink and eat. It is well known that mangosteen is a rich-nutrient fruit which is favored by young and old people. Well th...Read More

What Can Kidney Disease Patients Eat with Anemia

Eight patients have anemia among ten kidney disease patients. Although it is exaggerated, it is near to the fact. Why do most kidney disease patients have anemia? How to treat anemia for kidney disease patients? Why does anemia occur in kid...Read More

Why Onions Are Good for Kidneys

Some patients just heard that onions are good for kidneys health, but do not know why. Please hold on, I will tell you answer in the following passage. Onion is very common vegetable in our daily life and it has a mild spicy taste. Many stu...Read More

Is Carrot Good for the Kidney Patient Whose Creatinine Is 9.10

Carrot is very a healthy and nutrient vegetable in our daily life and favored by the more and more people, including kidney disease patients. As we all know, kidney disease patients should keep cautious when they choose food and beverages d...Read More

Can We Eat Sandwiches in CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease)

Sandwiches is very popular fast food in the world, especially in western countries. And it can make easily and can be seen in almost any time at any time. However, when diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, many patients are told to pay mo...Read More

Diet Changes and Life Expectancy for Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Different from the healthy people, for stage 3 kidney disease patients, they should make some changes on their diet habits due to moderate decline of GFR level. Meanwhile, their lifetime may also be affected to some extent. Here we will giv...Read More

Can Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Eat Eels

Eels are a kind of fish, which are packed with numerous nutrients. For healthy people, it can be a good tonic. However, for patients with chronic kidney disease, they have to develop a friendly-kidney diet so as to protect remaining kidney f...Read More

Can Kidney Disease Patients Eat Whey Protein

Generally speaking, kidney disease patients are suggested to have a low quantities but high-quality protein diet, so as to reduce the kidneys burden and protect remaining renal function. However, can kidney disease patients eat why protein?...Read More

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