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CKD Diet

The Treatment for Body Itching Due to CKD

Body itching or skin itching is a common skins symptom for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), which is a characterized with progressive loos in renal function over time. The symptom affects patients life quality seriously. Then, is...Read More

Can I Have Flaxseed with Creatinine 3.8 in CKD Stage 3

Creatinine level 3.8 is higher than the normal range and it is also a common symptom for patients with CKD Stage 3. In the case, patients need to keep cautious on the diet and treatment, so as to reduce high creatinine level and slow down t...Read More

Whether A Patient with Creatinine 4.6 Can Consume Besan

Creatinine level 4.6 is extremely higher than the normal range and usually indicates that your kidneys has been damaged severely. In the case, your doctor will tell that your should pay more special attention to daily diet. Whether a patien...Read More

Can I Eat Yam If Having CKD Stage 3 and Diabetes

CKD Stage 3 Kidney Disease and diabetic Patients usually have many dietary taboos, so as to control their sugar level and protect kidney from the further damage. Therefore, patients also pay more special attention to their daily diet. Well...Read More

What Food Can Be Eaten by Kidney Disease Patients

What Food Can Be Eaten by Kidney Disease Patients When diagnosed with Kidney Disease, your doctor will tell you can not eat this, you cannot eat that. Actually, there are many dietary restrictions in daily life. Well then, what food can b...Read More

What Is the Best Enteral Feeding for Kidney Disease

What is the best enteral feeding for kidney disease? Enteral nutrition refers to the direct delivery of nutrients into stomach and small intestines through a feeding tube. Nowadays, specialty enteral formulas have been developed for specifi...Read More

Can I Eat Peanut Butter with Stage 3 CKD

Peanut Butter is a quite delicious food which is favored by most people. However, for Stage 3 CKD patients, they may should be careful while eating peanut butter. Because kidney disease patients are required to have balanced diets. Can I ea...Read More

What Diet Is Good for CKD Stage 3 Patients for Reversing Dialysis Early

Diet plan plays an important role in keeping our overall health, the same as to patients with CKD Stage 3. A person with stage 3 kidney disease has a moderate decreased of glomerular filtration rate. If kidney function drops persistently, d...Read More

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