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CKD Diet

What Food Are Better for A Female with Creatinine 1.6

Creatinine level is an indicator to reflect how well your kidneys are working. Usually, females have lower high creatinine level than males because females have less muscles tissues. A females with creatinine 1.6 is little higher than the n...Read More

Is It OK to Drink Orange Juice If You Have Stage 2 Kidney Disease

Stage 2 Kidney Disease belongs to the an early stage of kidney disease. Since there is no obvious symptoms in the stage, patients usually are required to have a regular observation and balanced diet plan as well as healthy lifestyles. Is it...Read More

What Foods Should Be Avoided When Kidney Is Spilling Protein

Proteinuria is one of common symptoms for those who suffer from chronic kidney disease. And it is a risk for kidney disease progression. What foods should be avoided when kidney is spilling protein? Protein in urine is a sign of chronic kid...Read More

Can People with CKD Drink Red Grape Juice

If you happen to be a Chronic Kidney Disease patient, you must be told that you should be careful with what you eat or drink. Summer comes, red grape juice is very popular among people due to its tasty and refreshing as well as abundant nut...Read More

Should Decaf Coffee Be Avoided by Patients with Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Coffee has became a more and more popular drink in the modern life, but in the case of humans healthy, it is a disputed drink. The majority of coffee drinkers who want to cut down on caffeine think, Ill just drink decaf instead. However, de...Read More

Is Amaranth Seeds Good for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

If you were a Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients, you must be required to develop a balanced and scientific diet plan, so as to control the progression of illness condition effectively. Amaranth seeds come from amaranth which is a kind o...Read More

Scientific Salt Intake’s Strategy for Kidney Disease Patients

Knowing how to take salt properly in the daily life is very important to kidney disease patients. Proper salt intake contributes to the recovery of kidney function. Surely many kidney disease patients will obey the doctors advice, namely, l...Read More

Can I Eat Lasagna on a Renal Diet

Renal Diet refers to the friendly-kidney diet which should be allowed by Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients. Some patients are curious about whether they can eat lasagna. Are you interest in knowing the answer? If so, please follow me. L...Read More

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