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CKD Diet

What Are the Particular Foods I Should Eat to Reduce Creatinine Level

Creatinine Level is usually taken as the indicator to reflect how well your kidney function are working. In our daily life, dietary changes make a significant influence on lowering elevated creatinine level. Then, what are the particular fo...Read More

Diet for Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 Patients

Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 (CKD Stage 5) means that your kidneys nearly fail to work effectively. In the condition, it is important to change what you eat and drink so as to protect remaining renal function and live better life. Here, w...Read More

Can I Eat Tuna or Salmon with A High Creatinine Level

High creatinine level is often associated with severe kidney damage. Living with the symptom, patients need to pay more special attention to their daily diet and lifestyles as well as treatments. There is a concerned question: can I eat tun...Read More

What Food Should A Person with Kidney Disease Avoid

Diet just likes a double-edged sword that can help control kidney disease symptoms, in turn, it also can worsen illness condition and speed up progression of renal failure. Therefore, a good knowledge of kidney-friendly diet is necessary an...Read More

What Juice Can Help Kidney Disease Patients

Due to strict dietary restrictions, kidney disease patients may have trouble in choosing daily food and drinks. Here, we will give some useful information for a topic: what juice can help kidney disease patients? Sincerely hope you can get...Read More

Can A Person Eat Tomatoes with Kidney Problems

Tomato is a kind of very common and healthy vegetable which are favored by many people and there is no exception for kidney disease patients. Therefore, quite a number of patients indeed want to find out Can a person eat tomatoes with kidne...Read More

Can I Eat Cottage Cheese with Stage 4 CKD

Cottage cheese is a good source of protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, vitamins and so on, which play a significant role in keeping peoples health. Can I eat cottage cheese with Stage 4 CKD? patients have to consider the pros a...Read More

Does Aloe Vera Juice Have Advantages for Kidney Disease Patients

Kidney Disease patients need to special dietary plans which are different from the healthy people for slowing down the progression of illness condition. In daily life, aloe vera juice is a common beverage for people nowadays. Well then, que...Read More

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