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CKD Diet

Is Agar Agar Good for Stage 3 Kidney Disease Patients

Agar agar is a gelling agent extracted from red algae and it is relatively easy to cook. In our daily life, it is commonly used to the desserts like pudding. Well then, is agar agar good for Stage 3 Kidney Disease patients? The dietary requ...Read More

Does Egg White Cause Kidney Stones

When diagnosed with kidney stones, one of main treatment is surgery which is applied to remove the stones in the kidneys. Besides, generally, patients are suggested to keep a healthy and proper diet. There is a question: does egg white caus...Read More

Can Kidney Disease Patients Eat Pumpkin Pie

Halloween is coming, surely most people in western countries can enjoy delicious food. Among food, pumpkin is very popular snack and is favored by children, young people and the elderly people. Well then, can kidney disease patients eat pum...Read More

Can Kidney Disease Patients with High Potassium Level Eat Dates

High potassium level is a common symptom in people with Kidney Disease because of kidney damage. To well control potassium level, most patients are required to limit intake potassium so as to prevent the further kidney damage. Well then, fo...Read More

The Vegetarian Renal Diets and Potassium Intake

It is a common sense that kidney disease patients should develop strict dietary restrictions in daily life. Here we will provide more info about vegetarian diet and proper potassium intake for people who are vegetarian with kidney disease....Read More

Recipes and Diets for CKD Patients with 10% Kidney Function

Recently, some people are looking for recipes and diets for patients with 10% kidney function. Actually, compared to normal kidney function, 10% kidney function is much lower and one of urgent thing is to prevent the further kidney damage....Read More

Can CKD Patients Eat Milk Chocolate

Chronic Kidney Disease patients have to develop strict dietary limitations in order to control the development of illness condition. Milk chocolate is a popular leisure food in our daily life. Well then, can CKD patients eat milk chocolate?...Read More

Are Black Beans Good for Kidney Disease Patients

Black beans are packed with nutrition which is good for human health. If you or your loved one is suffering from kidney disease, surely there are many taboos on diet. Well then, are black beans good for people with kidney damage? Actually,...Read More

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