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CKD Basics

How Does Hydronephrosis Cause Numbness and Pain

One CKD patient visited our website and consult us a question: can hydronephrosis cause numbness and pain? For his question, I will discuss this topic in the article, and if you are interested in it, please read on. Hydronephrosis, literall...Read More

Can Chronic Kidney Disease Be Reversible

Most chronic kidney disease patients are vary concerned about one question: can their illness condition be reversible? As we all know, there is no cure for kidney disease which is a progressive disease, but patients can still do something to...Read More

How Fast Do Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease Progress

How fast do stages of chronic kidney disease progress? Surely it is one of the urgent questions for patients who are suffering from kidney disease. If you or your loved one happen to be a kidney disease patients, a well understanding about...Read More

Does Chronic Kidney Disease Always Progress

Patients will pay special attention to their life expectancy if they are diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. Does it always progress? Is there any available method to stop at least delay its progression? CKD, short for chronic kidney dis...Read More

How Horseshoe Kidney Affects Renal Function

How horseshoe kidney affects renal function? After seeing this question, some people may put forward the question about what is the horseshoe kidney? How does it occur? If you are interested in these topics, please read on and you will bene...Read More

How Fast Chronic Kidney Disease Progresses

Chronic Kidney Disease is a progressive disease and it is uncurable. Due to this reason, more and more patients with kidney disease are concerned about their life expectancy. The following contents are excepted to be helpful for you. Chroni...Read More

What Should Avoid for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

It is well know that all chronic kidney disease patients should have strict requirements on diets and lifestyles. Knowing what they should avoid will lay a solid foundation for preventing the progression of illness condition. Lets see the o...Read More

What Happens When Your Kidney Function Is at 4

Kidney function is at 4? Oh, my god! It is terrible and kidney have nearly stopped working. Then, what happens when your kidney function is at 4? If you are have a similar question, please keep reading and you will find out related info. If...Read More

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