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CKD Basics

What Would Be the Reasons of Chronic Kidney Disease

In recent years, the morbidity of Chronic Kidney Disease keeping raising. And more and more patients manage to look for the possible treatments to stop kidney damage. To be frank, only finding out the underlying causes of kidney disease, ca...Read More

Can Stage 2 CKD Be Temporary

For Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients, one of concerned questions is that whether kidney damage is temporary or permanent. Today, for the topic, we will have a detailed introduce in the following contents. Any questions, you can...Read More

How Can I Find If I Have Renal Parechymal Disease

How can I find if I have renal parechymal disease? When diagnosed with the kind of kidney disease, it means the kidney disease appears damage in their renal parenchyma. Well then, is there any signs to indicated the condition? Now, lets hav...Read More

How Long Will Patients Stay in CKD Stage 3

CKD Stage 3 is one of critical periods to take effective treatments, so as to timely stop or at least slow down the progression of illness condition. Left untreated, more and more kidney function and tissues can be halved. A concerned quest...Read More

Protect Kidney Health in Daily Diet and Life

The lifestyles is closely related to kidney health and nowadays, the some peoples lifestyles can increase the kidneys burden to some extent, thus resulting in chronic kidney disease or Kidney Failure. Therefore, a well knowledge of healthy...Read More

How to Care Your Kidneys at Home

Whether your kidney function is normal or not has also a close connection with unhealthy living habits and behavior, aside from the influence of kidney disease itself. To well protect your kidneys depends on your participation and support....Read More

CKD Stage 4 Life Expectancy without Treatment

Patients with Stag 4 CKD are suggested to prepare for a renal replacement treatment-dialysis or kidney transplant. Because in the stage, about 70%-85% of kidney function is damaged. Indeed, dialysis and kidney transplant can prolong patient...Read More

Can Metformin Cause Kidney Problems

Metformin is a kind of medicine commonly used for treating type 2 diabetes mellitus and it is also an oral hypoglycemic drug. As we all know, so far, diabetes is one leading causes of kidney damage and metformin may be prescribed to control...Read More

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