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CKD Basics

Chronic Kidney Disease: How Long Will I Develop Into Kidney Failure

Chronic kidney disease is a progressive kidney disease, but not all the CKD will develop into kidney failure. Taking early prevention with good living habits, you can avoid kidney failure to live a better and longer life. ...Read More

Why Your Kidney Disease Cant Treat Well: Main Cause is Delay

Do you know what is the main factor that affect the prognosis and relapse of kidney disease? In fact, the only thing is delay. Maybe you dont agree with me, Lets get further understanding here. Once people get kidney disease, they often get...Read More

How Long Can I Live Without Treatment 14% Kidney Function

Nowadays, kidney disease becomes more and more popular, because it can be caused by so many factors, such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, infections, drugs overdose, etc. For kidney patients, they often suffer from great pains wit...Read More

Pay Attention: Learn The Harms Of Getting CKD

CKD, chronic kidney disease, is a progressive kidney disease. With the development of this disease, it can cause some severe harms to people. In this article, we will learn the harms of getting CKD. If you want to get direct help, you can s...Read More

Kidney Function 20%: How Long Will I Live Without Dialysis

A person with 20% renal function is in CKD Stage 4, which means kidneys have been damaged severely. Facing the condition, quite a number of patients concern more about a question: How long will they live without dialysis? Today, we would li...Read More

What Questions Should I Ask When I Am Diagnosed with CKD

I am diagnosed with CKD. And I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. What questions should I ask my doctor? I find the question on my facebook account. If you have the similar question, lets see the following passage. CKD (Chronic Ki...Read More

New Lifestyles for Kidney Disease Patients in New Year

New Year is around the corner, which is really excited for lots of people. For patients with Chronic Kidney Disease or Kidney Failure, they also can enjoy the festival as long as they can obey the following lifestyles. Lets see new lifestyl...Read More

Dose Taking Statins for Cholesterol Affect GFR

Statin is a kind of western medicine which is widely prescribed to lower blood cholesterol levels, and can be very effective. Everything has two sides, and some patients are worried that taking statins will affect GFR (Glomerular Filteratio...Read More

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