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CKD Basics

Due to Poor Immunity, Kidney Disease Gets Relapse Frequently: What to Do

When kidney function is impaired, and immune system is compromised, even a cold can cause further damage to the kidneys, accelerating kidney failure. Therefore, in the treatment process, kidney patients should pay attention to two aspects:...Read More

How Long Does It Take from Kidney Disease to Uremia

A minority of kidney diseases can be completely cured, such as almost all acute nephritis, most minimal change disease, one-third of Membranous Nephropathy, etc. Although most kidney diseases are difficult to be completely cured, they can b...Read More

How to Judge the Severity of Illness Condition for Kidney Patients

There are many clinical manifestations of chronic kidney disease (CKD), such as urinary protein, urinary occult blood, creatinine, high uric acid, high blood potassium, anemia, edema, etc., but what is the connection between these manifesta...Read More

If You Have These 8 Characteristics, It Indicates You Get Well from Kidney Disease Soon

Most people with kidney disease have a common characteristic: they worry that their kidney disease will worsen and they worry that they wont find a proper treatment. However, kidney disease is a very complex disease. It is not only related...Read More

3 Infections in Kidney Disease

Yesterday I met a high school classmate who had not been contacted for a long time. When hearing that I work in the department of nephrology, she told a story that happened 10 years ago. When he was in high school, she often had a backache....Read More

Stage 3 CKD: Do I Have to Watch Potassium and Phosphorus

Recently, a renal patient from America asked that whether she has to watch potassium and phosphorus from her diet since she has CKD stage 3. This should be a common question to most of the CKD patients, because they pay attention to their d...Read More

How Bad Is It with Kidney Function 51%

My kidney function is at 51%: how bad is that? For some renal patients, they may not pay attention to such a stage, because they have few discomforts, while for some renal patients, they are worried for fear that it develops to renal failur...Read More

Is 42 GFR Serious

Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is the best overall index of kidney function. Is 42 GFR serious? In this article, lets have a quick look. According to GFR, chronic kidney disease (CKD) is classified into five stages. GFR 42 is in stage 3 (...Read More

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