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CKD Basics

Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease: Life Expectancy with 10% Kidney Function

Stage 5 chronic kidney disease is the last stage of chronic kidney disease, which is also featured as end-stage renal failure. The remaining kidney functions are less than 15%. What is the life expectancy with 10% kidney function? Life expe...Read More

Life Expectancy of Stage 5 kidney disease with creatinine 7.6

Stage 5 kidney disease is the last stage of chronic kidney disease. It is also known as end-stage of kidney failure. It is characterized by the severe decrease of glomerular filtration rate. The remaining kidney function is less than 15%. A...Read More

What is the Life Expectancy of Someone with 20% Kidney Function

The life expectancy is the common topic concerned by most of the patients with kidney disease. Then lets talk about the life expectancy of someone with 20% kidney function. What does 20% kidney function mean? Kidneys are the important organ...Read More

How Long Can You Live with 23% Kidney Function

The kidney function progressively decreases with the deterioration of kidney problems. Normally, you have developed into kidney failure with 23% kidney function. How long can you live with 23% kidney function? Kidney is the main filtering m...Read More

Can Drinking Too Much Water Cause Kidney Damage

As we all know that half of our body is made up of water. Water is important for us to keep a healthy body. Is that mean the more water, the better? Can drinking too much water cause kidney damage? Though water is the necessity to our body,...Read More

Male Sexuality and Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Stage 4 kidney failure is featured as severe decline of kidney function. Normally, there are only 15-29% of kidney function. Therefore, many activities in daily life are affected due to low kidney function. Can patients with stage 4 kidney...Read More

Ways to improve kidney function and avoid dialysis

Kidney function will be decreased with chronic kidney disease. When it progresses into kidney failure, dialysis is needed. Can dialysis improve kidney function? Many patients questioned that can they avoid dialysis? Here I will introduce so...Read More

Can Alcohol Cause Protein in Urine

The presence of protein in urine is called proteinuria. Due to the excess of protein in the urine, the urine may be foamy. So it is easy to be noticed. Proteinuria is often the symptom of kidney diseases. Can alcohol cause protein in urine?...Read More

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