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CKD Basics

How Long Before CKD Develops into ESRD

A person who are experiencing gradual decline of kidney function can be called chronic kidney disease patient. And this kidney disease is divided into five stages. How long before CKD develops into ESRD? Actually, in the early stages of kid...Read More

How Long Can Someone Stay in CKD Stage 3

CKD is divided into five stages, and CKD stage 3 is a moderate stage, in which most patients begin to notice the symptoms caused by their disease, but their condition is not too late too control. Well then, if patients find they have stage...Read More

How to Protect My Kidneys with 45% Kidney Function in CKD

Hi, I am a CKD patient, my kidney is functioning at 45% at the moment. Is there any tablets or medicine to control it? If not, what should I do? Thank you. CKD, abbreviation for chronic kidney disease, refers to a medical condition associat...Read More

Benefits of Physical Activities for Stage 3 CKD Patients

What kind of physical activities are considered optimal for stage 3 CKD patients? And what are the benefits? If you are searching for the answers, please keep reading. Generally speaking, some gentle exercises are suggested to people with s...Read More

Ways to Improve Kidney Function and Prevent Dialysis in Stage 4 CKD

For stage 4 CKD patients, some of them are no strangers to dialysis. However, not everyone is willing to have it. Here, we will introduce some ways to improve kidney function and prevent dialysis in stage 4 CKD. Keep a healthy diet People w...Read More

Top 5 Natural Ways to Protect Your Kidneys

Nowadays, there are an increasing number of people tortured by kidney disease. If you happen to be one of them, you might be looking for measures. Luckily, you can find top 5 natural ways to protect your kidneys in the following contents. T...Read More

How to Help Yourself with Chronic Kidney Disease

CKD, abbreviation of Chronic Kidney Disease, which means your kidneys are not functioning well as normal. However, good news is that there exist many effective measures to help yourself with this disorder. 1. Do regular check-ups To monitor...Read More

How to Live A Healthy Life with Chronic Kidney Disease

How to live a healthy life with chronic kidney disease? Frankly speaking, this target can be attained through various efforts, for instance, pay attention to regular check-ups, follow a scientific diet, get rid of bad habits, improve kidney...Read More

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