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CKD Basics

Three FAQs About Kidney Disease

Is kidney disease incurable? Can kidney disease develop into kidney failure certainly? Can I only do dialysis with kidney failure? Many patients ask similar questions every day. Today we will explain them to you in detail. 1. Is kidney dise...Read More

Renal Biopsy for Kidney Patients

Although renal biopsy has been used in clinical practice for years, many patients till do not know it clearly so that they miss the best chance of diagnosis and treatment. In the following, we will learn renal biopsy from three aspects. 1....Read More

These Kidney Disease Is Incurable, and Will Progress into Uremia

Many renal patients ask: Doctor, will my disease progress into uremia? Uremia is one of the most concerned topics for almost all renal patients. But you may also know that uremia is not the end of all patients. Based on years of clinical ex...Read More

Due to Poor Immunity, Kidney Disease Gets Relapse Frequently: What to Do

When kidney function is impaired, and immune system is compromised, even a cold can cause further damage to the kidneys, accelerating kidney failure. Therefore, in the treatment process, kidney patients should pay attention to two aspects:...Read More

How Long Does It Take from Kidney Disease to Uremia

A minority of kidney diseases can be completely cured, such as almost all acute nephritis, most minimal change disease, one-third of Membranous Nephropathy, etc. Although most kidney diseases are difficult to be completely cured, they can b...Read More

How to Judge the Severity of Illness Condition for Kidney Patients

There are many clinical manifestations of chronic kidney disease (CKD), such as urinary protein, urinary occult blood, creatinine, high uric acid, high blood potassium, anemia, edema, etc., but what is the connection between these manifesta...Read More

If You Have These 8 Characteristics, It Indicates You Get Well from Kidney Disease Soon

Most people with kidney disease have a common characteristic: they worry that their kidney disease will worsen and they worry that they wont find a proper treatment. However, kidney disease is a very complex disease. It is not only related...Read More

3 Infections in Kidney Disease

Yesterday I met a high school classmate who had not been contacted for a long time. When hearing that I work in the department of nephrology, she told a story that happened 10 years ago. When he was in high school, she often had a backache....Read More

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