Welcome to Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is not only a good hospital to treat kidney disease and diabetes, but also a good place for sight-seeing. You will enjoy yourselves here.

Beautiful Environment

No matter its internal environment or its external environment are an eye feast. Here you can breathe fresh air, enjoy warm sunshine, and visit Badaling Great Wall and Manshan Forest Park.

Advanced Dialysis Center

In our dialysis center, we do not only have common hemodialysis, but also immune absorption, plasma exchange, blood perfume and other developed blood purification therapies to help you cleanse the blood.

Clean and Comfortable Patient Ward

We do believe that clean and comfortable patient ward is the guarantee of a good therapeutic effect. Here you will have home-feeling. And the wards are packed with all the devices you need in the life.

About Us

We are a specialized hospital treating kidney disease and diabetes with traditional Chinese medicine. So far tens of thousands of renal patients from over 164 countries have benefited from our treatment. Here swelling will vanish, proteinuria will turn negative and hematuria will disappear. Hope you can also get a satisfied effect here.

Patient Story

Successful Cases.

You will be well-treated here. Look, Dr.Liu was making the rounds of the ward and checking the condition of patients carefully. This patient was a Nephrotic Syndrome patient from Oman. His condition got improved greatly after a period of treatment in our hospital. Click here to learn more patient stories.

Characteristic Treatment.

There are many characteristic treatments in our hospital. What this picture shows is Moxibustion. It can improve blood circulation, strengthen immunity, relieve your back pain and joint pain, expel cold and warm the meridians, etc. To achieve a good effect, several therapies are often used together.

Rich Hospitalization Life.

You may think hospitalization life is very dull. But here our hospitalization life is very rich. Besides receiving treatment, you can learn to play tai chi like this renal patient, or play chess with other patients or our medical workers, or learn to cook Chinese food, etc. A rich hospitalization life can keep your mood good, which is beneficial for your recovery as well.